CA CIB Americas


Innovation & digital transformation officer

06 May United States, NEW YORK Volunteering

You will join Credit Agricole CIB New York as Innovation & Digital transformation Officer, especially IDEA team.
CACIB has launched and deployed IDEA team in France and abraod which is an innovation program, with the objective to accelerate innovation and to reinforce the innovation culture within the Bank. 
In the USA, the head of Project Management & Innovation (PMI) is in charge of deploying the approach locally with the support of the Innovation Relays within each business line and support function.
Your main mission will be to :
- Deploy the approach locally in its various aspects
- Implement innovation approach by:
* Helping coordination the various initiatives of the innovation approach
* Participating to the innovation watch, especially the FinTech watch
* Encouraging ideas generation via the facilitation of workshops
* Participating to the facilitation/orchestration of the local innovations communities
 - Implement innovation projects:
* Coordinate the implementation of innovation projects, resulting from the innovation approach
* For example, CACIB is implementing Robotics & Process Automation (RPA) with the technology UiPath. You will coordinate the local implementation of UiPath, will support the analysis of local processes to find new candidates for RPA, and will follow-up on the RPA process in coordination with the central team in Head Office.

The VIE contract in short:
According Business France's eligibility conditions, the Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE) is an assignment in a French company operating overseas for professionals between the age of 18 and 28 who are European Union nationals.
To apply, you need to meet the conditions mentioned above.
If not, your application will not be selected.
If you are eligible, join your CV and a cover letter in English – and mention: your age and nationality.
For further information about the eligibility conditions to this programme, we invite you to go to Business France website:

A first year of experience will be suitable.

Academic Background : University or Business school, Engineering/Computer science School.

Specialization : Computer Science.