CA CIB Americas

Financial director / Consolidation


Quantitative analyst

02 November United States, NEW YORK Volunteering

You will join CA CIB New York within Global Market Division / Quants.

Your role will be based in the Front Office and your main mission will consist in :
- Tackling quantitative challenges arising from the activity a rates trading desk

- Providing a more hands-on help by developing ad-hoc Excel tools.

The first part of the role will require a literature review and implementation in C++ of various quantitative methods.

The second will consist in fast Excel development.

The VIE contract in short:
According Business France's eligibility conditions, the Volontariat International en Entreprise (VIE) is an assignment in a French company operating overseas for professionals between the age of 18 and 28 who are European Union nationals.

To apply, you need to meet the conditions mentioned above.
If not, your application will not be selected.
If you are eligible, join your CV and a cover letter in English – and mention: your age and nationality.

For further information about the eligibility conditions to this programme, we invite you to go to Business France website:

Academic background: Engineering/Computer science School or University.

Specialization: Applied mathematics, statistics or computer science.