CA CIB Americas

Financial director / Consolidation


Senior desk analyst

New 13 April United States, NEW YORK Perm

As a credit desk analyst you will function in many different roles.
Marketing of credit analysis & industry news.
Utilize your network of investor contacts to share and learn about industry focal areas and developing trends.

Key Responsibilities:

• Marketing of trade ideas, industry trends and credit updates to sales and the investor base.

• Write concise and actionable strategy pieces that will then be discussed with the investor base.

• Develop and expand an extensive network of buy side investor contacts to share views and help secure customer orders.

• Create a perception amongst accounts that Credit Agricole is a dealer of choice for the credits & sectors assigned.

• Conduct basic credit analysis on the sectors and names directed by the head of trading.

Management and Reporting:

• Reporting to Head of Trading NY on the progress of the business and specific issues.


• Provide regular updates to sales and trading about client interaction and the credits discussed.

• Work closely with sales to improve account penetration and share of wallet that CA CIB sees from investors.

• Quantity and quality of the investor interaction with the trading desk in the names assigned.

• Develop a thorough understanding of the credits and industries assigned.


• Detailed log entries updating sales, trading and management about investor discussions.

• Write concise updates on credits and industry news for distribution to sales and investors.

• Attending regular meetings with sales & trading to review business development and convey important market matters.

• Discuss trade ideas and recommendations with sales/clients/ traders.

A depth of experience of US IG Corporate credit research.
Experience of 10-15 years.
Understanding of financial instruments.

Finance / Accounting Degree