CA CIB Americas


Chief operating officer, human resources

09 January United States, NEW YORK Perm

Provide leadership for US HR Operations, which includes setting the strategic vision and prioritizing HR operational programs and initiatives.
 Manage the areas of Payroll & Benefits, Projects and HR Information Systems.
 Also responsible for HR KPIs, HR processes, HR programs and projects.

Key Responsibilities
·         Responsible for the development of HR procedures and ensuring they are consistently administered throughout the organization
·          Manage HR Operations initiatives at the organizational level to meet established targets through continuous evaluation, quality assurance and focused improvement efforts
·         Ensure HR processes and procedures are adequately documented and consistently applied across HR functions
·         Develop operational strategies for HR Operations
·         Coordinate the follow-up and implementation of HR Audit recommendations
·         Responsible for the HR US Business Continuity Plan
·         Responsible for transversal projects across HR disciplines
·         Governance oversight of HR processes and procedures

Monitoring and control
·         Ensure accuracy and analyse HR key performance indicators
·         Manage the performance of HR Operations
·         Ensure operational risks are identified, reported & corrected in an accurate and timely manner
·         Responsible for the controls relating to Payroll & Benefits
·         Supervise HR US budget and financial reporting in collaboration with the Finance Department
·         Responsibility for departmental reports including Support Functions Dashboard

Payroll & Benefits Management
·         Oversee the administration of payroll and benefits
·         Manage the annual Global Compensation Review (GCR) process in conjunction with the global compensation and benefits team
·         Ensure compliance with Company procedures/policies as related to payroll operational matters
·         Responsibility for signing the reconciliations of the semi-monthly payrolls
·         Overall responsibility for ensuring the accuracy of data between the payroll and HR database systems
·         Managing the flow of information between the payroll and HR areas
·         Managing the relationship with the payroll processing service provider, ADP

HR Information Systems
·         Lead the HRIS strategy in line with Paris HR
·         Build cross-functional partnerships to influence relevant HRIS policy decisions, negotiate budget for HRIS development projects and liaise with IT for the budgeting & support of development activities
·         Responsible for the management of the HR systems and interface with local and global CA-CIB business systems, including:
·         Mercure II (Global Employee database)
·         ADP
·         Business Administration Systems

11+ years of relevant work experience