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16 April United States, NEW YORK Perm

The Lead Auditor conducts audit assignments from planning to reporting.
This includes an assessment of the audited activity, the performance of tests, analysis and controls and the issuance of recommendations.
He/she is responsible for the consistency and comprehensiveness of the audit deliverables and, under the supervision of a Local Head of Audit, a Regional Supervisor or a Global Audit Manager, for drafting the debriefing presentation to management and the final report.
He/she usually leads a team of several auditors.
He/she may also perform himself/herself some critical controls.
The Lead Auditor is in charge of conducting assignments and to manage the team during the assignments.
The assignments may be local, regional or global.

Specific Requirements:
This role may require business travels in any relevant locations to conduct the assigned audits, for periods up to several consecutive weeks
Lead Auditors must comply with the CACIB Audit Charter, in particular the five fundamental ethical principles (integrity, objectivity, confidentiality, expertise, and transparency) and all other locally applicable regulations.
Before or after an assignment, Lead Auditors shall have no direct operational responsibility or authority over any of the activities under review.
They shall not develop systems or procedures, prepare records or engage in any activity, which belongs to the auditable perimeter.