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Treasury and repo trading support middle office

04 October United States, NEW YORK Perm

In this role you will be responsible for control and support functions of the operations initiated by the Treasury and Repo Front Office in New York, from the negotiations, recordings, and processing of transactions.
Your role will be to facilitate and ensure all operations are processed smoothly in a timely manner.
You will be a point of contact and liaise with entities both internally (Front Office, Middle Office, Back Office, Compliance, IT, Product Control, Project Management) and externally (Clients, Broker/Dealers, etc.).
You will develop various skills such as knowledge of financial products, financial markets, and best business practices.

This position is based in New York.
You will report locally to the New York Head of Repo and Treasury Trading Support Middle Office.

Key Responsibilities
The Middle Office team is responsible for assisting and controlling the Treasury and Repo business line.
In addition there is the Global Repo business that will be managed by both Paris and New York teams.
This includes trade monitoring, workflow control, and trade validation to ensure timely settlement and accuracy of Front Office’s position and exposure.
You will contribute to the development of a reliable and effective control function of the perimeter.
You will also have the opportunity to participate in various projects to optimize trade workflow, deploy new products, system enhancements/fixes, new regulations and market rules.
Service Quality and Processes improvement:
Propose and formalize any improvements on controls and procedures
Develop efficiency initiatives
Compliance and Governance
Ensure compliance with Credit Agricole CIB Capital Markets Operations and Credit Agricole CIB New York governance and organization directives
Promote operational controls and segregation of duties
Control and awareness
Exert vigilance to unusual or inappropriate (i.e.
unusual, uneconomic, or fraudulent) trading practices
Alert management and position control team in case of suspicion of inappropriate (i.e.
unusual, uneconomic or fraudulent) trading practices or operations
Legal and Regulatory Responsibilities
Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and internal Compliance requirements, including, but not limited to, the NY Compliance manual and Compliance policies and procedures as issued
Financial Security requirements, including, but not limited to, the prevention of Financial Crime and Fraud including reporting obligations to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer.
Maintain appropriate knowledge to ensure through understanding to undertake the role.
Complete all mandatory training as required to attain and maintain competence.
Management and Reporting
Reports to the Head of Treasury and Repo Trading Support MO

Support Tasks:

• Ensure the integrity of transactions and positions across trading applications

• Perform first level of control by ensure trades are booked accurately, cash flow balances are correct, etc.

• Investigate, analyze, and resolve breaks as identified

• Process funding and repos as required for Trading and Sales

• Manage and monitor post trade life cycle events

• Manage trades modifications in systems as requested and relevant, ensure impacts are in line with expectations

• Maintain high level of Client service for external and internal stakeholders

• Contribute to the development of reliable and effective control functions, ensure procedures are updated and in place to reduce operational risk

• Assist in the identification, specification, and testing of system enhancements.

• Ensure coverage and support to FO and within the team to undertake day to day tasks with respect to temporary needs, holidays, and sickness.

• Major contact for FO and ensure the link between FO and other teams.

• Act as a point of contact for the introduction of new products and ensure that procedures are in place to manage these transactions.

• Ensure the functional link with the Treasury Middle Office (located in Paris)

• Develop strong relationship with the global Treasury and Repo MO teams

Degree in Finance